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ambit translation french, English - French dictionary,. the GUE/NGL Group relating to Abdullah Ocalan,. par le groupe GUE/NGL à propos du cas Abdullah.The kurdish leader and freedoms fighter Abdullah Öcalan is arrested by the turkish fashism regime - Video embed to Dargoole. Dargoole search your video.Three members of the parliament from the pro-Kurdish Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) were permitted to visit Abdullah Ocalan in his prison on Feb. 23.Rojbûna Ocalan pîroz kirin Li gelek navendên Ewropayê Kurdistaniyan rojbûna Rêberê Gelê Kurd Abdullah Ocalan bi çalakiyan pîroz kirin.

In every town I visited, big banners hung across traffic circles featuring the face of Abdullah Ocalan, the founder of the Turkish Kurdish rebel group,.

Abdullah Ocalan was snatched in Kenya by Turkish special forces

Hemseroka newî yê KCD Leyla Guven aşkere kerd ke rojdemê înan yê sifte serbestiya Rayverê Şarê Kurd Abdullah Ocalan î û jûyîna neteweyî ya.

Ji bo Ocalan kampanya Li Îngîlîstanê bi desteka siyasetmedar, rewşenbîr û saziyên civaka sivîl bi navê Ji Birêz Abdullah Ocalan re Azadî kampanyayeke.Birayê Rêberê PKKê Abdullah Ocalan biryara Walîtiya Amedê ya qedexekirina pîrozbahiyên 4ê Nîsanê şermezar kir û got dewlet bi qedexeyan nikare pêşiya.The Show Trial of Abdullah Ocalan in Turkey What lies behind the behaviour of the PKK leader? By Justus Leicht and Peter Schwarz 8 June 1999.Everything is art or Art Meets Ocalan. Interested promenaders view presentation boards which give information on Abdullah Ocalan and the.VICE News gained access to the PKK youth wing. PKK Youth: Fighting for Kurdish. kobane, umit kurt, pkk youth, islamic state, abdullah ocalan, rojava, apo.Notes made my PKK leader Ocalan during peace talks have been published, in which he takes aim at the group who have armed themselves.


Freedom for Abdullah Ocalan — Freedom to Kurdistan CALL TO JOIN LONG MARCH FROM BERN, LUXEMBOURG AND FRANKFURT TO STRASBOURG. 1 February – 12 February 2015.see the haunting and shocking images that won this year’s world. year-old Islamic State fighter named Jacob in front of a poster of Abdullah Ocalan,.

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Abdullah Öcalan explicitly referred to this “National Pact”, which was jointly con-cluded by the Turks and Kurds of the Otto-man Empire.Hundreds Attend Caracas Forum on Kurdish Revolution in Rojava. By. leader Abdullah Ocalan,. Ocalan has served as a critical ideological referent for the.Abdullah Ocalan met with leaders from Turkey's main Kurdish party at Imrali prison.

Abdullah Ocalan says he knows who killed Olof Palme

PRISON WRITINGS I The Roots of Civilisation Abdullah Ocalan, translated by Klaus Happel PLUTO PRESS ISBN: 9780745326160 Hardcover Price: £25.00 / $40.00 / €37.00.HIST.PCOL.POLI.2006.9'.OCAL. Abdullah Ocalan: Prison Writings: The Roots Of Civilisation. translated by Klaus Happel, Pluto Press, London, 2007 (2006).


What's in a name? Folklore and family. By Amy Mangan Columnist. Published: Tuesday, March 15, 2016 at 10:18 a.m. Amy Mangan is a native Ocalan and longtime writer.By Hawar Baziyan - 05 February 2011 (GlobalHye) - Abdullah Ocalan, the detained leader of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), called on Kurds in Turkey to stage.By Gulsen Solaker and Daren Butler ANKARA/ISTANBUL (Reuters) – Turkey’s pro-Kurdish opposition said on Thursday it hoped Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) militants.Deputy PM Yalcin Akdogan criticises PKK leadership in Qandil mountains for not convening ‘Disarmament Congress’ called by imprisoned PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan in.PEACE PROCESSES AND CONFLICT RESOLUTION >> Download of the flyer in English language (PDF, 93kB). Irfan Dundar (Abdullah Ocalan’s road map).

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Abdullah Öcalan. Messages of Greeting English; Deutsch; Italiano; Greeting Message. Dear participants, In greeting you, the participants of the conference, I.

Court to issue verdict on Ocalan compensation claim. Abdullah Ocalan claims that the Greek government failed to offer him protection after he requested political.POLITICS A cup of tea with the PKK. picture of Abdullah Ocalan,. flag or pictures of Ocalan can result in criminal proceedings.In order to gain popularity among Turkey’s Kurdish conservative Muslims, HDP is promoting a “Pro-Kurdish democratic Islam” rather than secularism. HDP, which.EGF Turkey File 18-28th Feb 2014 www.gpf-europe.com. The peace process with the Kurds remains frozen as Abdullah Ocalan appears to warn the Gulen Movement.Abdullah Öcalan: learn how to pronounce Abdullah Öcalan in Others with the correct pronunciation approved by native linguists. Read about Abdullah Öcalan.

Opposition lawmaker to host House of Commons event in support of jailed PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan.Egyptian intellectuals appeal for "fair trial" for Ocalan Agence France Presse. on Sunday urged Turkey to give captured Kurdish rebel leader Abdullah Ocalan a.Turkey’s Kurdish tribes call PKK to leave country. News > Turkey > Turkey’s Kurdish tribes call PKK to leave. which was founded in 1974 by Abdullah Ocalan and.Ocalan grabs Turks' attention again. Pacing his prison island cell, guerrilla leader Abdullah Ocalan has had a decade to ponder his "road map" to solve Turkey's.

Kurdish struggle at crossroads. ABDULLAH OCALAN, leader of the PKK. Ocalan wants talks under the auspices of the Western powers, especially the US.9781856498227. Primitive Rebels or. Protests worldwide followed the capture and trial of the Kurdish nationalist leader Abdullah Ocalan in 1999. But where does the.FREEDOM FOR ABDULLAH ÖCALAN, FREEDOM FOR KURDISTAN The Kurdish question relates to Iraq, Iran, Syria and in particular Turkey and is one of the major unsolved.__ Australasian A Number 168 Winter 1999 SO cents Defeat Imperialism Through· Workers Revolution-Defend. Serbia!. state' ushered in a sharp rise in region­.INTRODUCTION n February 15, 1999 Abdullah Ocalan was kidnap- ped on his way from the Greek embassy inNairobi (Kenya) to the airport. He was tied up and brought.. March 11, 2015. Women fighters at a Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) base. Hanging on the wall are pictures of jailed Kurdish militant leader Abdullah Ocalan.

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PKK ‘not listening’ to Ocalan: Turkish official. MESOP: CEMIL BAYIK (PKK) NOT LISTENING TO OCALAN. 28 Feb. to its jailed leader Abdullah Ocalan and there is.

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May day message from Ocalan, Kurdish Leader Abdullah Öcalan has issued a May Day message, expressing its solidarity with the working class of Turkey and the Middle East.